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8920Re: [PPLetterpress] Trying To Make A Good Impression

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Dec 1, 2007
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      On 30 Nov 2007, at 10:47 PM, rpolinski@... wrote:
      > I've added comments to the photos I've posted so I won't repat them
      > here.
      > But I'll mention that because of the cut I've used a soft packing
      > with the
      > pressboard on the bottom. The cut is all metal and as you will see
      > by the
      > photo is virtually a halftone. I read that sometimes a soft packing is
      > better with these.

      It is a halftone!
      Indeed, perhaps a rubber 'blanket' would be the best bet.
      However, from the photo, it looks like it's printing pretty well...
      Are you sure the line is from your rollers? If you are using two
      rollers it's surprising that they would both miss the same spot

      > The basic problem is that to get the cut to print properly either on
      > the
      > watercolor paper I used for the first test or the bond paper I used
      > for
      > the second an impression that pushes through the paper is required.
      > And to
      > get that impression the press makes a small clunk when it closes
      > from the
      > reverse pressure on the drive train. Is that normal?

      An impression that pushes through the paper should not be required.
      However, it's a tricky one as you say. I'd try the rubber blanket
      under the cut, and makeready the type separately.

      Peter Fraterdeus
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