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890Re: Digital Simulation? (was: RE: [PPLetterpress] Digest Number 254)

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  • bielerpr
    Sep 3 11:07 PM
      > There is no question in my mind that the application of computers and
      > digitalization to the graphic arts is in its infancy. Although imitating=
      > little lead castings is one possibility, the ultimate use of this technol=ogy
      > has not yet even been imagined.

      HI David

      Well thought out, but I just have a guestion or two I'd like to pose
      in regard to your last statement here. Perhaps this needs to be

      I recently read on that statistical page in Harper's that the
      majority of humans living on the planet have never used a telephone.
      This is an interesting statistic don't you think? What does that say
      for the notion of unimpeded progress for digital technology in a
      world where most folks don't participate? Especially considering that
      our material resources are not infinite and economic decline is
      almost inevitable? (In eight years we will reach the half way point
      in exploiting the earth's "possible" bio mass—another debatable
      statistic but this revealed from the oil industry itself). So,
      perhaps digital technology is not in its infancy, but already in its
      middle age???

      I suppose I sound like a Luddite. I'd like to think I'm not. But to
      put our faith in a continuous technological progress (in which very
      few of us, or any of us, actually play a part) may not exactly be a
      desirable, or realizable, goal.

      I suspect what I have said here would then tend to diminish the value
      of our letterpress work here and now... perhaps. Perhaps not. We do
      live in the here and now. And what we do here and now is what we have
      to offer the future. Just as we were informed by the past, that is also
      what we have to give over. We worked with our hands, and our minds, and
      our hearts. Is that too small a message to send to the future?

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