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885RE: [PPLetterpress] Digest Number 254

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  • Brian Molanphy
    Sep 3 8:27 AM
      'I'm not sure that you would want to attempt to replicate the kind
      of work that is done "from a computer in offset printing" as
      letterpress. More that you can supplement your letterpress needs with
      the computer. I only got involved with photopolymer because it
      allowed me certain advantages in my letterpress work. What you do not
      want to do, is assume you must change the way you envision the page,
      simply because of this differing technology. What is unique about
      digital technology is that it is essentially a simulator of the tools
      of previous technologies, not a tool itself, and that is where it can
      be taken advantage of. I've gone on and on about this previously and
      elsewhere but I believe it constantly bears repeating. The computer
      doesn't have a material basis, you must supply this. In this regard,
      believe it or not, you actually have the advantage over the computer
      design folks because you know what physical spacing and physical
      leading and physical type and physical etc is. In a differing
      context, Eric Gill said, "Letters are things, not pictures of
      things," but, what the hey, I'll use it.' (g. lange)

      gerald, thanks for this. i'll show your quote to students to explain what
      we're up to here. -brian molanphy
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