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883Re: [PPLetterpress] Fairchild Scan-a-Graver

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  • Ed Inman
    Sep 3, 2002
      They only make halftones--not line engravings. And the halftones generally
      are of very poor quality by modern standards. Be *very cautious* of any
      unused nitrate plates stored in the fireproof vault on the lower right hand
      side. They may be in a state of decomposition at this point and could
      easily explode or cause a major fire should they come into contact with a
      match, cigarette or other flame. Your attempt to refurbish and operate this
      machine may involve more potential risk than reward in an uncontrolled

      Cool looking tubes inside, though.

      Just my .02,


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      From: <HaikuBooks@...>
      I bought the following to restore more as a challenge and was wondering
      if anyone has used one. It is a Fairchild Scan-a-Graver made by Fairchild
      Graphic Equipment in Plainview, NY.
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