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882Re: Mounting base questions

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  • bielerpr
    Sep 2, 2002
      --- In PPLetterpress@y..., Harold Kyle <harold@b...> wrote:
      > On 8/31/02 5:52 PM, "Bryan Hutcheson" <bryan@m...> wrote:
      > > ....But is it going to cause me expensive headaches in the
      > > long-run?
      > It depends on how well the bases are machined and how effective your
      > mounting system is. Although steel shouldn't cause too many headaches in the
      > machining, its weight (105 lbs on that 18x24 versus 36 lbs in aluminum)
      > might lead to a backache.
      > I'm not sure how you will mount steel-backed plates your steel base. Perhaps
      > you could wire an electro-magnet?! I can see it now... Plate drift? Just
      > turn up the voltage. After printing, the plate releases from the base at the
      > flip of a switch. How convenient! You can scrap metal on the side! Let us
      > know what you find.
      > Harold


      Actually an insulated electro magnetic base would solve the problem of plate
      drift. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the one problem one would think it
      would solve. Registration. Once the power is turned off there is no way to
      affix registration guides to the base's surface without resorting to adhesives.
      You are left with the good ole tape and/or marking technique. Not exactly what
      one would have hoped for.

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