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881Fairchild Scan-a-Graver

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  • HaikuBooks@aol.com
    Sep 2, 2002
      Thanks everyone for the help with the adhesive tape.

      I have another question.

      I bought the following to restore more as a challenge and was wondering
      if anyone has used one. It is a Fairchild Scan-a-Graver made by Fairchild
      Graphic Equipment in Plainview, NY. It has not been made for a long time
      and Fairchild no longer exists. It was used by newspapers to make heat
      engraved halftone plastic plates. You put the image around one side of a
      drum scanner and wrapped the plastic plate around the other cylinder an
      then engaged the burner. It uses vacuum tubes and canister electrolytic

      I was told it ran 10 years ago before it was stored in a barn. I am
      trying to track down the schematics from the patent office and am having
      a real ordeal tracking down replacement tubes and capacitors. By looking
      at the mechanics of the thing I have a guess as to how it ran but would
      love to hear from someone who has actually used one.


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