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870Re: 3M tapes

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  • bielerpr
    Aug 31, 2002
      > I went to the 3M site and found lots, actually too much. This was the
      > choice I found for tapes. They each seem to have a catalog. Which one
      > where you referring too?
      > Dana


      I went through the catalog looking for specific characteristics: 1)
      high or excellent shear strength and 2) easy release. These are the
      tapes I found (though there may be newer tapes and transfer adhesives
      on the market):

      400 Double-coated tissue tape. 50 oz/in adhesion. .13 mm thick
      404 Double-coated tissue tape. 55 oz/in adhesion. .13 mm thick
      410 Double-coated tissue tape. 50 oz/in adhesion. .11 mm thick
      442 Double-coated film tape. 50 oz/in adhesion. .09 mm thick
      947 Double-coated tape. 50 oz/in adhesion. .11 mm thick

      I don't have the specs on the adhesive Boxcar is selling but
      from my experience with it, I would certainly say it does the job.

      To que in here on Bryon's question:

      I wouldn't recommend these tapes or adhesives with steel-backed plates.
      I assume the steel-backs were developed for magnetic plates? But I'd
      also fear they would not release well without damaging the steel backing
      (bending, kinks etc), but I'm just suspecting this as I've never used
      steel-backs with film or transfer adhesives.

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