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8444Re: [PPLetterpress] buying old type

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  • Ph. D.
    Oct 1, 2007
      Steve Robison skribis:
      > 4) While you've got it under a magnifying glass,
      > check to see if it might be ATF type (American
      > Type Founders type). If it is, it will have the ATF
      > type face number imprinted on the capital 'H'
      > and/or the lowercase 'm'. This was done on sizes
      > large enough where it could be cast on the face,
      > and in years when ATF was consolidating all of
      > the 26 companies that it bought and merged with ...
      > (Can anyone jump in with specifics on when and
      > on what sizes of type the numbers are cast into
      > the 'H' & 'm'??? I used to know, but for some
      > reason can't recall at the moment).

      Actually ATF did not adopt numbers for typefaces
      until about 1930 long after the initial consolidation
      in 1892. The matrices for the vast majority of type-
      faces inherited from the consolidating foundries were
      destroyed by 1920 as the faces were too old-
      fashioned. Seperate blocks of numbers were assigned
      to faces from Keystone, BB&S, and Inland, as those
      foundries were acquired between 1910 and 1920.
      I believe all sizes, no matter how small, had the
      numbers cast onto the shoulder of H and m, even
      though you may need a magnifying glass to read
      them. (ATF once cast the Lord's prayer onto the
      face of a six-point by six-point piece of type.)

      > . . . There are, however, still a couple of sources
      > of newly cast ATF faces. They are being cast
      > from salvaged matrices from when the ATF
      > company went under. (Dale Guild foundry comes
      > to mind.)

      As far as I know, the Dale Guild is the only source
      for newly cast ATF type. They alone have some of
      the Barth casters that were exclusively used by ATF.
      A number of hobby printers purchased some of
      ATF's matrices at the auction of that firm, but there
      has been only limited attempts to cast them on
      Monotype casters (which involves customizing
      molds and matrix holders), and none of that type
      has been offered for sale.

      --Ph. D.
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