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  • lola espinosa
    Oct 1, 2007
      Hello everyone,
      Excuse my English (spanish girl here).
      Some two years ago the company I used to work with for
      my engravings closed down. This summer I needed a cut
      for the first page in my first book, a small labirynth
      to be printed in red (you can have a look here
      I order it by phone and asked for an square engraving
      measuring 4 lines, that is 48 points (I said). And the
      man at the other side of the phone didn't know what I
      was talking about ¿lines, points? So I ended up
      ordering something 1.8x1.8 cm.
      I am shivering only to think this is the person I have
      to rely from now on for my "made to measure" cuts.


      P.S.: On my last message to this group I reported my
      husband's worries about me being pregnant and
      composing with lead type. In case you wondered, I
      didn't stop working as long as my tummy allowed me.
      Now Miguel is 13 months old and the happiest and
      healthiest toddler ever.

      Sé un Mejor Amante del Cine
      ¿Quieres saber cómo? ¡Deja que otras personas te ayuden!
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