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8337Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: vandercook repair/trip mechanism/Boston area

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  • olslis@aol.com
    Sep 24, 2007
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      Thanks Gerald for your quick response and the tip.?

      Although my "shoving" was probably too timid to?untangle anything, while trying I discovered that there is a broken spring on the side where I could see no spring?before.? It looks like a big section is snapped off, but the mystery is that I can't find the that unattached piece anywhere on the floor or caught inside.?? So, here is a question--would the mechanism work with only one spring intact?? I wonder this because I just aquired the press recently and have been printing on it for only a?few days?--perhaps that side was broken when I got it and this other side is jammed??

      anyway, thanks again--I am going to follow Paul's suggestion and contact Perry Tymeson and keep learning as I go. . .

      Lisa Olson

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      If the spring is not broken (look on the floor and under the press for
      pieces), you may be able to get the press back working with this
      simple trick. It sounds dumb, but it works and has saved many a
      harried SP owner. The mechanism may be tangled from short-rolling the
      press. Which you should never do on any of the SP models. The cylinder
      must be taken to the end of the press each and every time.

      Get yourself a big screwdriver and shove it up into the mechanism
      until it clicks over.


      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "lisa_parula" <olslis@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I have a Vandercook SP-15 with a broken trip mechanism. (it just
      > suddenly stopped working while printing yesterday--no prior
      > indications of problems). Can anyone recommend a repair person in the
      > Boston area?
      > The trip lever is stuck on print, but the mechanism itself seems
      > stuck on trip (i.e. it is not able to print.) I have looked at the
      > manual, at info posted on-line and into the press itself, and am
      > confused about how this mechanism works. (??? how the action of the
      > trip lever is even connected to the parts of the trip traveling with
      > the drum and rollers. . .etc.???) But I do understand that this
      > possibly could be a broken trip spring, and when i look into the
      > mechanism with a flashlight, I can identify the spring on the handle
      > side of the press, but can't even seem to see that there is one
      > present on the other side. ????? I would prefer to have someone who
      > knows these presses come in and diagnose/fix the problem, but if this
      > isn't possible, then I assume that it is something I will have to
      > figure out myself. Any thoughts or suggestions?
      > many thanks,
      > Lisa Olson
      > Parula Press
      > Belmont, MA

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