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8304Re: [PPLetterpress] wine bottle labels

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  • Scott Rubel
    Sep 13, 2007
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      The only labels that survive moisture are either stamped right on the
      bottle or shrink-wrapped on. Paper never does well after a certain
      amount of time. Maybe printing it with a coat of lacquer or something
      like that will make it last a bit longer.

      That's all I've got right now. A theory: probably tree-based papers will
      disintegrate faster because their fibers are not only weaker, but tend
      to be shorter, I believe, than hemp or cotton.


      alex brooks wrote:

      >On Sep 12, 2007, at 11:04 PM, itchybramble wrote:
      >>Does anyone have any advice for printing wine bottle labels?
      >>Particularly types of paper that
      >>is strong and soft enough for a good impression but still capable
      >>of being glued to a bottle
      >>and surviving a bucket of ice.
      >As someone who opens wine bottles for a living [besides the whole
      >printing thing] i can tell you that 50% of commercial wine bottles do
      >not retain their labels in a wine bucket. Usually the problem is the
      >adhesive, not the paper. This can be particularly troublesome when
      >pouring a bottle over a table, with your thumb on the front label and
      >fingers on the back label, and the bottle slips out of its labels.
      >Most labels that do stay on in a wine bucket look like crap. And even
      >if they stay on, they're different afterwards, the same as a novel
      >that's been dunked in icewater.
      >I would recommend a handmade paper, or a heavily sized paper, along
      >with a waterfast adhesive.
      >That's all the help i'm good for.
      >lexington kentucky
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