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8252moving a press

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  • apf.rm
    Aug 24, 2007
      I'm sure I'm not the first to have this question, so thanks for any
      advice you might have to this newbie!

      I recently let go of a C&P 8x12 (new series) press which needed to be
      moved out of a basement through a cellar door. The quote I received
      from a moving/rigging company was nearly $2000 (to rig and move it 150
      miles from it's current location).

      My question: should I have this opportunity again, is it possible to
      move this on your own - that is, without professional
      rigging/hoisting? If so, can it be done with just a few strong helpers?

      By way of introduction: I am a new member whose background is in paper
      arts - book constructions, printing, paper cutting.

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