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8194slurs? ghosting? what to do?

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  • amber_ellisseguine
    Aug 7, 2007
      I am attempting to print a large solid area and I keep getting this
      weird line/impression on two spots of my printed area. I think it is a
      slur but I am not sure why or what I can do to fix it. The things I
      have done to help but haven't are:

      1. made sure the trucks and tracks are free from grease
      2. adjusted the roller height, backed them off the plate a little bit

      Now I thought maybe this isn't a slur but more like ghosting so I am
      about to try and print it slightly tilted to see if that helps. I will
      attempt to post a picture of it to help you understand what is going on.

      Helpful information:

      I am printing on a heidelberg 10x15 and I am using rubber based ink. I
      am also using hard packing.

      Photos for this issue are under the album Flywheel Press.

      Thanks so much and I hope someone out there knows what I should do.

      Amber Ellis-Seguine
      Flywheel Press

      p.s.Sorry if this is posted twice I wasn't having much luck sending it
      directly from my own mail program...
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