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8187Re: [PPLetterpress] Best LP Black for PP?

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  • Gerald Lange
    Aug 2 10:56 PM

      Thanks for the info on the ink front. I've been put on to a "new" ink as
      well. And it seems to be worthwhile. Graphic Chemical & Ink Co.'s
      Lithographic Senefelder's Crayon Black No. 1803. Nice tack, quite
      sticky, with a nice string to it. Works quite well for a Vandercook or
      hand press right out of the can. Viscosity can also be altered (thinned)
      with their Graphic Litho Roll Up Black No. 1921 if need be.


      Matt Kelsey wrote:
      > Gans Ink has something which I think is called Letterpress Bond Black. It's
      > got a nice stiff texture and works wonderfully with photopolymer (and with
      > metal type) on my platen press. It probably won't stay open on press for
      > more than a few hours, but I like an ink that dries quickly. I bought a can
      > of it from John Sullivan of Logos Graphics at the SF Book Arts/Printer's
      > Fair in May, but you should be able to get it directly from Gans. John said
      > he has good results with it from photopolymer on his windmill. If I recall
      > correctly, I believe he said it had a higher proportion of pigment in it
      > (like the old fashioned letterpress inks) compared to offset ink
      > formulations.
      > Matt
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