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8157Re: [PPLetterpress] Scoring

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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    Aug 1, 2007
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      At 9:12 AM -0700 1 08 07, Scott Rubel wrote:
      >This example of holistic thinking is exquisite. Thank you for this,
      >Fritz. You have helped more than one member with this. --Scott Rubel

      A gentleman, a scholar and a printer, Fritz is also obviously a good businessman

      In other words, a real throwback ;-)

      ...one of my very favorite 'old guys' was a guy from Venice who set the high tone for those who've followed...


      (this one from Paolo, Aldo's son)


      >nagraph1 wrote:
      >>I'm trying to get 2 + 2 to equal 4 here, but Leora needs to move
      >>from a slow hand fed platen to a high speed, high production rate
      >>folder so they can expand their slow hand fed press work? Will it
      >>take 3 shifts a day on the C&P to furnish even an hour's worth of
      > >scoring/folding a day?

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