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807Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: correcting ink spread

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  • Erik Desmyter
    Aug 15 3:11 AM
      > As you say there is a bit more art than science but the usual is: Amount
      500%, radius about 1.2 pixels and threshold about 5. set the amount at 500
      and then play with the radius, at some point you will quickly see you will
      get the optimal result.

      If you go to our PPletterpress website
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PPLetterpress/ and go for "Files" (at the left
      side) and then under "How to" you will see 6 small files I have created as
      an example. What I have done is I first made in Adobe photoshop a letter R
      in Times New Roman at 12 points (R created in photoshop 2400ppi.TIF). This
      file was then printed with a standard HP laserprinter 5L at 600dpi and this
      printed document was then scanned at 600ppi, 1200ppi, 2400ppi in line art
      and also 600ppi in grayscales.

      I have also tried the above unsharp masking correction (500%, radius, 1.2
      pixels, 5 threshold) on the grayscale scan (R scan grayscales 600ppi +
      unsharp masking.PDF).

      The goal should be to get back (after the scanning and the clean up) as
      close as possible to the original creation. The printing with a laser
      printer at 600dpi is losing a lot of quality but I think real letterpress
      printing will have more quality loss with more ink spread, etc...

      Please feel free to use one of the 4 scans and try to do some processing or
      correction to get to a good result as close as possible to the original.

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