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803Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: correcting ink spread

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  • Michael Peich
    Aug 14, 2002
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      on 8/14/02 1:13 AM, bielerpr at bieler@... wrote:

      >> Gerald and Erik,
      >> This may sound a bit too easy, but I have found that unsharp masking
      >> (usually twice at 500%) is the one filter that really seems to open up a
      >> line image for good letterpress printing.
      >> are there any other filters that you can recommend ?
      >> thanks,
      >> Mark.
      > Hi Mark
      > The unsharp mask is quite useful, in some situations, maybe most, but
      > it most usually is one of the last filters you would use in a
      > sequence as it is clearly a "demarcation" filter. The movement is
      > from "fuzz" to clarity. Introduce clarity too soon and you have to
      > retrace your steps.
      > Problem with most of these filters is they really need to be used in
      > combination and seqsuence. Lot of experimentation at first, and every
      > image has its own requirements. More art than science if you are
      > trying to get it right. Can't come up with a consistent recipe.
      > But if unsharp seems to be working, keep doing it. 500% is a huge
      > movement though, isn't it? I'm a bit too cautious perhaps. Maybe I
      > just don't trust in this stuff enough.
      > Gerald
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      Hey Gerry, (or should I say, Gerald?)

      It's been fascinating reading e-mails from this group, although the
      polymer plate discussions are way over my leaded head. You've become the
      guru for this stuff, and impressively knowledgeable.

      One quick piece of business. I am a member of the APHA board of
      directors and at our last meeting I agreed to contact you about your lapsed
      membership. Since you were the individual who encouraged me to join APHA a
      number of years ago, I want to encourage you to renew your membership. Lots
      of good things are happening, and we need all the support we can muster. Do

      I suspect I'll see you next at Oak Knoll. Have a productive few last
      gasp of summer, and early fall.

      Cheers, Mike
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