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8013Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: bringing the cost of plates down

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  • Charles D. Jones
    Jul 2, 2007
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      I have greatly reduced the cost of using photopolymer by buying the plates
      by the case in the A3 size. I use a Xante Filmaker 4 for making negatives
      from the computer. Casey is right that sometimes it is better to use a
      linocut. I also have used blank zinc etching plates supported by a base for
      printing shapes and solids. I like the filmaker a lot as it produces a good
      opaque black.

      Charlie Jones
      Lanana Creek Press

      On 7/2/07, Casey McGarr <casey@...> wrote:
      > When I design and print posters for either personal or client work I
      > like doing linocuts. I always offer to my clients linocuts or
      > photopolymer. What I charge by the hour versus a polymer plate is the
      > deciding factor. If I want the plate for a latter use in another project
      > I'll usually do a linocut.
      > If I design the piece I keep in mind that I may be carving it, if
      > another designer designs it and has no concept of the challenges of
      > letterpress printing I usually opt for a polymer plate or consult them
      > to think about a linocut.
      > I like carving type and images. I did a 4 color poster and all the type
      > was knocked out of the background to the color of the paper. I about
      > flipped. It was for my old boss at Fossil
      > <http://www.inkylipspress.com/posters/images/tim_hale.jpg> and a great
      > looking poster so I said what the heck. 10 hours later I was finished. I
      > could have output plates and that would have been very costly.
      > I have linocuts from the last 6 years that are still in great shape.
      > Casey
      > iLP
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