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  • typetom@aol.com
    Jun 11, 2007
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      Another possible explanation may be a difference of pressure on different
      parts of the form. I have not printed with the Model press, but with many small
      table-top platen presses, packing in one part of the form affect pressure
      elsewhere in the form. The reason is that the platen is hinged quite close to
      the form, so as packing is added it will bring the bottom edge of the platen
      closer to the type than the top edge. So to keep the platen parallel to the
      type and the pressure even, the lower bolts have to be loosened as packing is
      added (or the top bolts tightened).

      What I am suggesting is that as you adjusted the packing to get the larger
      type to print correctly, at the same time you were actually reducing the
      pressure on the other type.

      You might be able to check this by examining the back of the sheet - to see
      if all parts of the type form are hitting with the same pressure. If it is
      hitting harder at the edge closest to the hinge, this may be the trouble.

      Of course it could be any of a dozen other factors! -- ink, rollers, plate,
      backing block, paper, etc. Another common cause might be that the rollers are
      hitting the type ok on the large surface of the 24 point type, but actually
      squashing the ink off the surface of the smaller type (leaving weak inking on
      the small type but perhaps a rim of ink around the letters). The solution
      for that would be to raise the rollers, with tape on the tracks, so the rollers
      don't hit the type too hard.

      Or any of the other suggestions may be the answer.
      Multiple possibilities, multiple tricks.
      Best wishes,

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