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7672Re: Boxcar Base

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  • Gerald Lange
    Apr 4, 2007
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      A Kutrimmer works quite well for precision cutting on steel-backed
      plates. I did have an occasion to correct a steel-backed plate in the
      manner you describe. Not something I'd suggest as common routine.

      Don't know though that I'd also suggest this as a qualitative measure
      for a polyester-backed vs. steel-backed kind of thing. That seems a
      bit silly. Quick and dirty fixes are just what they are, and I'd
      "hope" not a rationale for preference or practice.


      > But, even on a magnetic base I would use boxcar plates (and have
      > before, on other people's setup) and just adjust the press
      > accordingly, for a number of reasons, though mostly for quick
      > registration (we tape the plate upside down to the paper, properly
      > registered, and then run it through the press). Yesterday we had a
      > last minute switch on a poster for a summer movie series-- the
      > client wanted to change "last of the unicorns" to "the last
      > unicorn." rather than order a new negative we chopped up the plate
      > with scissors and rearranged the words. I would never attempt
      > something like that on a steel backed plate.
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