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  • Gerald Lange
    Mar 31 8:23 PM
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      I've got two Bunting Cerface Magnetic Bases that fit my Vandercook
      SP15 bed at 11-1/4 by 17 inches. This leaves just enough room for
      roller supports, quoins, and supporting furniture on the width. The
      press is, amazingly enough, capable of providing uniform ink coverage
      over that range.

      A consideration regarding a large base though might be this. Bunting
      won't make a base larger than 11-1/4 by 8-1/2 inches simply because
      they cannot guarantee that it will be precisely parallel throughout
      the measure beyond that; and they are a major manufacturer of all
      sorts of industrial products. They will make larger bases on special
      order but caution with the suggestion that such a base would need to
      be bolted down to the press bed. That is something I would give some
      thought to in your decision making. Sometimes bigger isn't better.


      > Fritz,
      > Thanks for your comments. I'd actually been considering the option
      > you suggest-- two smaller bases instead of one large one. I will need
      > to print larger pieces on the press fairly often, so would like to be
      > able to use the maximum space the press can handle. Do you really
      > feel that a 13" base width would be pushing the press beyond what's
      > advisable?
      > Sylvia
      > >If you are printing posters or broadsides, a 13x19 base may be
      > >justified, but I seriouly question the reasoning behind filling up the
      > >bed of any press with a base that taxes the physical limits of the
      > >bed. My recommendation is to get two bases that will be the same size
      > >that can be used individually or in tandem if required for a large
      > >plate. On the SP-15 in particuler, maintaining the inking rollers to
      > >the correct height can be a problem, and the chances of inking the
      > >base on one side or the other, or the end of the base is a distinct
      > >possibility. Most wedding invitations don't require that massive a
      > >base, and not much else does either. I think it is a false notion that
      > >one base will fit all needs. If a base that large is actually needed,
      > >replace the handy lockup bar with a smaller dimension steel bar and
      > >lock up with a quoin and furniture--side lockup is probably not
      > >necessary. Think twice about making such an expensive and irreversible
      > >decision.
      > >
      > >Frtiz
      > >
      > >> On 31/3/07 17:45, "sylvia chevrier" <sylviachevrier@> wrote:
      > >>
      > >> > Thanks for the helpful comments about the Boxcar Base.
      > >> >
      > >> > One thing I'm curious about-- the 13 x 19 inch base would nearly
      > >> > entirely fill the printable area on my SP-15 Vandercook press,
      > >> > leaving only about an inch on either side to lock up. Do you use
      > >> > quoins, furniture or both? Right now the quoins I have are too
      > >> > to fit in that small of a space.
      > >> >
      > >> > Sylvia
      > >>
      > >
      > >
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