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  • Gerald Lange
    Feb 8, 2007

      It's plastic. Once cured, it's all downhill from there. Moisture is
      not retained by polymer, at best a certain threshold of moisture
      preserves its initial state in the short term. The molecular structure
      of manufactured polymers, however, has not proven stable in the long term.

      As much as the environmentalists condemn plastics, the
      preservationists wring their hands about how to save them. The
      Smithsonian can't keep astronaut suits from disintegrating much less
      keep Barbie Dolls from leaching.


      > Perhaps our California group members have a more stable environment
      > so they do not notice the vargaries of moisture as it relates to
      > photopolymer plate materials. It does seem that the plates are
      > capable of some retention or loss of moisture after polymerization.
      > John Henry
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