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750Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Rialto Pressa ink traps

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  • Dr P.B. Watry
    Jul 18, 2002
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      Thanks for the list of font editors. We have been doing some work with
      the old URW++
      programs that Peter Karow and his programmers devised. (The kerning
      program, KERNUS, which is really nice, was used for Justin's Caslon.)
      These are now redesigned and marketed as DTL FontMaster (URL on the
      resource page you sent). It is being enhanced and will be released in a
      couple of weeks. I have never used FontMaster or Fontographer, but I can
      say that for manipulating fonts the URW++/DTL tools -- particularly
      KernMaster -- might well prove to be useful for people on the list. The
      URL is: http://www.fontmaster.nl I believe there are free demo versions
      of the software for people to try out. We've been very pleased with the
      results of the software. What I like about KERNUS is its facility for
      generating different kerning pairs for different point sizes of type. (I
      have no connection with the company or with URW++, so this isn't an

      The URL for URW++ is now: http://www.urwpp.de/deutsch/home.htm.
      A couple of years ago we bought a
      Linux version, also, which works well with batch processes.

      By coincidence, I wrote to Frank Blokland of DTL two days ago to see
      whether they would supply any tools for ink-traps, ala Rialto Pressa, but
      unfortunately they haven't yet. According to him, there was software for
      automatically generating inktraps at Scanographic around 1991. Has
      anyone heard about this? I would think, if there is demand, that DTL
      might be persuaded to do some development work.

      MetaFont is also worth investigation. It can also be used to fine-tune
      the bitmaps of outline fonts, ala Rialto Pressa.


      On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Gerald Lange wrote:

      >ken botnick wrote:
      >> Gerald,
      >> Which font editing program do you use to create the range of selections?
      >> Ken
      >> --
      >I've always used Fontographer. There is a simple sequence on how to do this in
      >my monograph Printing Digital Type.
      >I did buy a copy of FontLab when it first came out but it didn't work on my
      >system. There is a new version out. I think Justin Howes mentioned how to use
      >it for this purpose in a very early post here.
      >I have a listing of various URLs on font-editing software in the Bookmarks
      >section here. Most interesting is Luc Devroye's entire page of links to free
      >software and the like from his site Snots & Fonts
      >Luc is always most interesting. Well worth a night's entertainment.
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