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748Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Rialto Pressa ink traps

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  • Gerald Lange
    Jul 17, 2002
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      > > Interesting! On the selection of typefaces, Lewis Allen commented,
      > > "inferior tools corrode the spirit" (in Printing on the Hand Press).
      > > Do you suppose he appropriated that from Shackleton?
      > > Gerald
      > >
      > Or shackleton appropriated it from? I know that Shackleton took a stone
      > litho press and stones (i'm not sure about letterpress) along on his first
      > expedition, and his men wrote and printed a book during the winter when they
      > couldn't do much research.
      > Mark.

      Allen published _Printing with the Handpress_ [corrected title] in 1969, in an
      edition that I suspect most folks then would have found a bit rarified in
      price. When did Shackleton write this? Can't imagine printing on stone in the
      artic winter!

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