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7465RE: [PPLetterpress] die cutting jacket

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  • wa0dfw@copper.net
    Jan 31, 2007
      Short answer: anything from a flat piece of sheet metal (preferrably
      stainless steel) to a cutsom "snap-on jacket" to a hardened and
      ground plate from Bar-Plate comany.

      I posted a monologue on die cutting a few years ago. Many have found
      it useful.

      Read at:



      >Could someone please explain to me what a die cutting jacket is? I
      >recently bought an 8x12 Chandler Price so that I could experiment
      >die cutting. I've read several posts saying that you need a jacket or
      >slip or something, and I'm wondering if it is something my father
      >could make for me in his machine shop. I just need to see a picture
      >of one or have it described for me. Thanks so much!
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