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7307The Enschedé Font Foundry (TEFF)

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  • Gerald Lange
    Dec 31, 2006

      This is the John D. Berry article on the foundry


      Searching the web I found a conversation indicating that a beta
      version of TEFF Romanee was used in the printing of a book in 1996.
      There is no further evidence that they intend to release it (or even
      have it).

      One of the principals of TEFF is Garrit Noordezij. I am currently
      reading his _The stroke (theory of writing)_, quite interesting in
      that it reinforces the thinking behind the foundry's approach (as
      described by Berry).

      I have maybe a half-dozen or so Dutch Type Library fonts (including
      DTL Fleischmann), but no van Krimpen.