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  • Graham and Kathy
    Dec 7, 2006
      Enclosed the reply to my query from the sheepshit paper people. I'm inclined
      from the description to think that this is a must to avoid, even for
      covering a pamphlet. I'd rather not risk my type on "rough texture akin to
      woodchip wallpapers", but polymer plates might stand up to it better. And
      the 280gsm paper is a bit much for me to find a use for, let alone the small
      sheet size. Pity really - I do like to support enterprises like this.

      Graham Moss
      Incline Press
      36 Bow Street
      Oldham OL1 1SJ England

      > So far our paper has only been run through domestic inkjet, litho and digital
      > presses - we have yet to experiment with a letterpress, despite the fact that
      > I actually own one, sitting idle in my attic space!
      > In terms of the variants in our paper we currently produce two 'types' by two
      > different methods:
      > We produce handmade papers which, although we are able to vary the output
      > almost endlessly, generally have a rough texture akin to woodchip wallpapers -
      > these handmade papers are supplied to bespoke requests, and sell at around £10
      > per rough SRA2 sheet.
      > We also occassionaly hire a museum piece "Fourdrinier" machine from a UK
      > papermaking museum, and due to the limitations of this machine this only
      > produces (at present) a stock board of 280gsm, antique finish - this is smooth
      > and takes print well - you can see the slight speckles from the sheep poo in
      > the paper. We use this stock board for our product range, and it sells for
      > £1.25 per sheet of A4.
      > If you can give me an idea of how much of each type you require for your
      > experiments I can compose an order for you in the Bespoke Papers & Products
      > section of our website - we have a policy of not supplying samples, as we are
      > a very small company and receive a very larege number of requests - we simply
      > couldn't afford this approach. We have also refused the commercial director
      > of Prince Charles's estate - so there's no favouritism given anywhere!
      > I look forwards to hearing from you.
      > Very kindest regards
      > Lawrence Toms
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