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7087Re: [PPLetterpress] Rollers...?

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  • speedgray@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Not all 10x15 C&Ps had four form rollers. I have a Model N from the mid-60s
      that has only three form rollers. But, even with heavy coverage and using the
      oscillators, I have never had an instance of poor ink coverage or ghosting.

      However, don't run a single roller in a tandem saddle without carefully
      checking the motion of the press by turning it over by hand through a complete

      I am sometimes curious as to the hesitation by printers regarding purchasing
      good rollers. Seems there is always someone trying to take some shortcuts to
      stretch the life out of rollers in poor condition. In my opinion, there is
      nothing more important to spend your letterpress money on than good rollers.
      Without smooth, even rollers on your press, you cannot do your best work. When
      the rollers get hard, cracked, pitted, or begin reverting put them in the
      trash and buy new. High quality rubber rollers will last for years when taken
      care of. It's the best money you can spend in your printshop.

      Speed Gray, APA 736
      Letterpress Green Sheet
      Ada, MI

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