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  • Lance Williams
    Dec 1, 2006
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      The 10x15 Craftsman has 4 rollers. Both the hand-fed models and the
      auto-feed models. We have them both... The addition of the lower double
      roller bracket was one of the improvements to give better inking on larger
      forms over the standard 10x15 new series....

      That being said, however, I can say that you can print just fine with just
      a pair of rollers unless you are doing heavy coverage, large faces or large
      solids. We run our 10x15 with Rice feeder with just a pair of rollers all
      the time, but we are also just printing 8 to 12 lines of 12 or 14 point
      type on the front of glassine envelopes, and we have a full fountain
      attached to maintain ink levels evenly.

      On the 10x15 hand fed, we have been printing the front and back of
      booklets, where the back side is pretty full coverage of 3x8 inches with
      some large bold faces, and to get really good inking, we do need to run
      with all 4 rollers.

      I would not try to run with just 3 rollers because the saddle brackets
      would not support the single roller properly, and might snap from stress in
      the operation of the press.... If you could find a set of single hooks
      from a 10x15NS, they might fit the Craftsman to give you a single roller

      - Lance Williams
      Williams Stationery Co.
      Camden, New York
      APA #785

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      > In a message dated 11/30/2006, londonbellman@... writes:
      > For a 10x15 is it possible to print well with 3 rollers on the press
      > 4? The reason I ask is American printing supply sells a set of three
      > though the press holds four. Why is this? I am guessing that three would
      > the trick if your are not running it with an auto feeder?
      > Hi London,
      > I have never seen a 10x15 C&P with four rollers unless one is an
      > or vibrating roller riding above the top two rollers. A vibrating roller
      > adds more ink to the system and refills two of the rollers during the
      inking, so
      > offers better coverage when the form is large.
      > The 12x18 C&P Craftsman has four form rollers, but a normal 10x15 does
      > The press can print fine even with only two rollers, but of course that
      > wouldn't be true for printing a large form or designs that need solid
      areas to be
      > inked. It's also possible to get additional ink to the type by using the
      > throw-off lever to let the press ink more than once. Many ways to get
      across if
      > you need to....
      > Best wishes,
      > Tom
      > Tom Parson
      > Now It's Up To You Publications
      > 157 S. Logan, Denver CO 80209
      > (303) 777-8951
      > http://members.aol.com/typetom
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