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6784Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: Will photopolymer outlast hand-set type?

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  • wa0dfw@copper.net
    Oct 6, 2006
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      There are many types of photopolymers. Rubber stamps are made of much
      softer PP than letterpress plates, so I assume there are quite a
      number of different types.

      I have a friend who makes rubber stamps using a liquid photopolymer
      on a machine called a Merigraph. It was poured between two glass
      plates in contact with a negative, then exposed top and bottom,
      washed out and reexpoed. She also had a harder setting liquid that
      made a couple of photopolymer plates for me in the past, though they
      were somewhat less precise than the ready-to-expose materials common


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      >Is it true that photopolymer is also used in the printing of
      >braille? We have a friend who us who has seen our plates and said
      >they used the same stuff in a braille printshop he worked at for a
      >time- they referred to it as PHP. Of course we're all accustomed to
      >the plates creating a debossed surface, I'm curious if they slam the
      >braille text so hard on one side that it pops on the other.
      >On Oct 5, 2006, at 11:14 AM, Ed Inman wrote:
      >> Photopolymer plates are also widely used in the manufacture of
      >> rubber stamps. There is little reason to believe they will be
      >> discontinued at this time.
      >> Ed
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      >> >From: Julie Larson <entdesign@...>
      >> >My understanding is that photopolymer plates are used
      >> >in flexographic printing of labels and packaging, which will
      >> >probably kept them around for a long time.
      >> ><featherweightpress@...> wrote:
      >> >> Since I don't really know much about the use of PP
      >> >> outside of studio letterpress, what do you think it's
      >> >> realistic lifespan will be?
      >> >> Daniel Morris
      >> >> The Arm Letterpress
      >> >> Brooklyn, NY
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