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  • livres@artnet.net
    Sep 13 2:52 PM
      Isn't Vandercook a Tradename and as such establich as a Brand, you
      call Xerox a Xerox even if the machine you use is a OCE or other.

      Terminology has a place and a meaning so we can talk to each other
      and can be understood.

      Not like the bunch of Book Arts Folks who just trotted through my
      shop, everything is Uh and ah, and what do dou you call that Thing,
      what is that thing on that thing.

      if we let it slide, we will that thing to do that thing on this thing
      to get that thing to have a watchamacallit.


      On Sep 13, 2006, at 2:40 PM, Dan Franklin wrote:

      > In a recent post, Elinor Nissley uses the term 'Vandercookesque.'
      > Since we're on the general topic of letterpress terminology, I would
      > like the sense of the group on the adjective for 'Vandercook.'
      > Is it 'Vandercookesque,' as Elinor would have it? Or 'Vandercookian'?
      > Perhaps, in a nod to the neoterics in our midst, 'Vanderculinary'? We
      > are making linguistic history here. Have your say!
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