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6600RE: [PPLetterpress] Re: 13 X 18 Windmill Steel Rider Rollers

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  • Vladimir Semionovas
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Hi brad.

      I think I have the manual you are looking for, I can scan it and email it to
      you on Monday (it is at work)

      Let me know if you still need it by then


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      Subject: [PPLetterpress] Re: 13 X 18 Windmill Steel Rider Rollers

      >Have you tried boxcarpress.com. They have alot of manuals online. I checked
      but didn't
      know which one you had. Good luck, I got mine on ebay.


      > I am looking into purchasing a 13 x 18 windmill and am having a hard
      > time locating a parts manual on this machine. If anyone has one and
      > can give me a call I would really appreciate it. I don't want your
      > manual, I just need a part number.
      > I am looking to see if I can buy the attachent for the Steel Rider
      > rollers as an aftermarket item and put it on the machine that i want
      > to buy. I am having a very hard time getting information about this
      > part and whether it exists or not. From what I understand, some
      > machines came with the steel riders and some didnt, it was an upgrade
      > to the GT Platens.
      > These Steel Riders basically eliminate "ghosting" when doing high
      > coverage printing. The parts in question look like small arms that fit
      > inbetween the 1 and 2 roller and the 2 and 3 roller. The Diagram can
      > be seen in the Operation Manual for the 10 x 15 and 13 x 18 on page 113.
      > Help!
      > Thanks
      > Brad
      > 858 453 4500 x 15

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