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6597Location Followup: RE: Possible C&P Craftsman 34" Cutter Available (Cross Posted)

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  • Lance Williams
    Aug 28, 2006
      For anyone interested, the C&P Cutter is located in Austin, Texas, and the
      contact person is currently in Dallas, Texas. His name is Giac Tran, and
      can be reached via email at:


      His daughter actually owns the house, and rather than have the bank
      handling the financing dispose of the cutter, she would like to try to sell
      it herself. I don't know what it might be worth, or what she thinks it
      might be worth, but I suppose making an offer would be best. I have
      absoultely no interest in this deal, I was just contacted to see if I knew
      what it was and what it might be worth....

      I do have about 6 pictures the owner sent to me I can forward via email to
      anyone interested....

      - Lance Williams
      Williams Stationery Co.
      Camden, New York
      APA #785

      > [Original Message]
      > From: Lance Williams <lwwill7999@...>
      > To: <LETPRESS@...>
      > Date: 8/28/2006 4:37:37 PM
      > Subject: Possible C&P Craftsman 34" Cutter Available (Cross Posted)
      > Sorry for the cross posting, but wanted to reach as many people as
      > I just had an email from someone with a C&P Craftsman Power Cutter sitting
      > in the garange of a house they just bought and do not know what to do with
      > it. Their bank said they would dispose of it for them, if they wish, so I
      > told him I could see if there was any interest in having someone get it.
      > From the tags on the cutter:
      > Craftsman Chandler & Price , Cutter Edger X34-8-A
      > I still do not know where the cutter is located or what if anything they
      > might want for it, but if anyone is interested let me know, and I will
      > email you contact information as soon as I have it....
      > - Lance