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65Generating direct to film

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  • Gerald Lange
    Aug 29, 2001
      Linda Dare at Otis Laboratory Press has successfully worked out a way
      of printing direct to negative film on a laser printer by using a
      product called Laser Buddy (used in the silk screen industry). This
      supposedly increases the opacity without effecting translucency. She
      suggests it works well for illustrative matter.

      I suspect that with laser printers now capable of generating at
      1200dpi (which is camera ready quality) and others, such as the Xante,
      capable of generating at 2400dpi (minimum imagesetter dpi for film),
      this may be an eventual way of generating film negatives in-house for
      type also, though I also suspect the letterform optimization will be
      even more crucial here.

      * I have previously considered the Xante because of its ability to
      generate direct to film and/or photopolymer, but these materials
      (which I've looked at) are not yet at the quality standard required
      for letterpress, nor were they intended for such use.

      I have asked Linda to come on board here, and perhaps when she does,
      she will explain this in more detail.

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