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6447Re: ink drying time

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  • royvm13
    Aug 8, 2006
      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "amyloid2002" <amyp@...> wrote:
      > Thank you Warren.
      > I think the couple of responses I've received confirmed what I was
      afraid of -- which is
      > that, although the paper is uncoated, the varnish they put on the
      one side seals it enough
      > to keep the rubber-based ink from absorbing into the paper.
      > I'm going to give reprinting on the unvarnished side a shot. Thanks
      again. This listserve is
      > invaluable!
      > amyp
      > Amy,
      Gans makes a Double Rubberbsed ink, I have used it for years on both
      coated and uncoated stock with excellent results, and it still stays
      open on the press.

      Otherwise I would use Van Son Tough Tex ink. It surface dries. I even
      use it while imprinting on plastic credit cards. Just be sure to
      remove it from your rollers before it dries!

      Roy Maitland, royvm@...
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