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6445Re: [PPLetterpress] ink drying time

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  • Warren Gailbreath, Jr.
    Aug 8, 2006

      It sounds to me as though you have a coated paper and
      your ink is an absorption drying ink. The coating of
      varnish may be impeding the ink absorption which would
      slow drying time.

      I am sure dryer is available from Gans which will work
      with your ink. I have never added dryer to any ink I
      have used so I can not offer advice from that

      My choice for a coated print job would have been an
      oil base ink designed to dry by oxidation or
      evaporation. Gans can provide many inks that meet the
      requirements of your job but the important factor is
      to tell them what paper your using and other details
      such as your press type, environment (i.e.
      Temperature, Humidity)

      Good luck and I am sure there will be some more great
      advice from others.

      Warren Gailbreath,Jr.
      Southwest Finishing, Inc.
      Ft.Worth, Texas
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