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6444ink drying time

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  • amyloid2002
    Aug 7, 2006
      Hello there,

      I am a relative newbie printing non-commercially with an ink drying question that may be
      related to the type of paper I am using, or could just be that I need to add some kind of
      dryer to my ink (or both?).

      I am printing a 2-color job using Gans rubber-based ink on Gmund Bier Cover (92lb)
      paper. According to the paper's specs, it has a varnish on one-side and it recommends
      printing on that side since it will "reduce picking and increase print fidelity" and, of course,
      I printed on that side.

      Many days later, it is still tacky and I am left wondering if there is anything I can do after
      the fact to help the ink dry â€" or, reprint the run on the unvarnished side. It's a small-ish
      run and I have plenty of leftover materials, so I could reprint but I'm not sure if it's going
      to dry any quicker or if the picking issue is truly going to be a problem. Maybe I just need
      to add ink dryer?

      I've tried slip-sheeting, laying them out with a fan on them and, as an experiment, even
      tried throwing a small stack of printed sheets on a rack in my clothes dryer set to air fluff.
      The latter seems to have dried out the paper quite nicely â€" it's cracking when I fold it â€"
      but the ink is still a bit sticky. Don't know if it helps my paper argument, but I printed 3
      interior pages with the same inks, but on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell cover which dried in
      about 2 days slip-sheeted.

      Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? If ink dryer is the key, can you
      recommend something that would work with these inks?

      Thanks so much. I really appreciate any help you could give me.

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