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6438E-mail disruption

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  • Gerald Lange
    Aug 6, 2006
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      Please be aware that changes in your e-mail address or your mail
      server will result in delivery problems and disruption of posts
      received from the group and can even result in removal from the group.

      If Yahoo detects a malfunctioning or "bouncing" e-mail address, it
      stops sending postings to the address and removes the member from the
      primary list putting him/her on a sub-list called Bouncing Members.
      Sometimes an e-mail address temporarily rejects as the result of a
      mail box that is full and unattended or a server that is down for
      repair (soft bouncing). Prolonged bouncing usually indicates a
      permanently disabled or discontinued address (hard bouncing). In
      either case, Yahoo removes the offending address from the primary list
      and the member will no longer receive posts until their address is

      The moderators attend to the Bouncing Member list on a weekly basis
      and notices requesting reactivation are regularly sent. If the
      recipient does not respond they remain at bouncing status. If a member
      has been on the bouncing list for an inordinate amount of time and the
      Yahoo data reveals that the e-mail address is defunct, we will remove
      the member from the group.

      At any given time we have about two dozen members whose addresses are
      bouncing and are in danger of losing their membership status, so
      please attend to your e-mail preferences if you are anticipating changes.

      If you need to change your e-mail address go to your MyGroups page at


      or if you need to put your mail on hold, you can do so by with the
      following e-mail command


      If you are experiencing any form of trouble with the mechanics of the
      list please contact us at


      Gerald Lange and Paul Romaine, Moderators