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641Re: [PPLetterpress] Rollers

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  • Harold Kyle
    Jun 6, 2002
      On 6/3/02 4:44 PM, "Katie Harper" <knharper@...> wrote:
      > I need to find a source for good quality rollers. I have used Brown
      > Regrinding. Any other recommendations? Does anyone have a phone number for
      > Brown?
      2075 East Center Circle, Plymouth, MN 55441

      > Also, the last time I got rollers recovered there, Bruce Brown said that the
      > material that makes up the rollers was almost impervious to just about all
      > solvents. Is this true?
      Brown's rollers are pvc-nitrile rubber, which is resistant to just about
      every solvent except "highly polar solvents such as acetone, and MEK, ozone,
      chlorinated hydrocarbons and nitro hydrocarbons." Baby oil, ie white mineral
      oil, is fine.


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