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635Re: hrant's ink trap page

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  • justforjan28
    Jun 5, 2002
      --- In PPLetterpress@y..., Brian Molanphy <bmolanphy@c...> wrote:
      > what is the purpose of the control points?

      So you mean the ones at the very end that turn
      the straight segements into curvy ones, right?

      Well, you could see them as only having an aesthetic role.
      A [digital] text face can in fact be used for display work,
      and it's good to account for that by reducing the jarring
      effect of a trap.

      I guess you could leave the segments flat (which would
      in fact increase the trap's "ink capacity"), and usually
      it won't matter (it might even look more appropriate in
      some designs, such as Petr van Blokland's Proforma), but
      continuity of curves is generally a good thing, at least
      in mainstream bezier philosophy.

      Also note that from a purist perspective the trap has to
      curve in as an arc because ink gain is radial, and the
      opposite of that is what might be called a "cleavage",
      for lack of a more docile term.

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