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625Re: Ink traps and such

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  • justforjan28
    Jun 3, 2002
      --- In PPLetterpress@y..., "bielerpr" <bieler@w...> wrote:
      > I have been discussing with a type designer the possibility
      > of incorporating ink traps into digital type designs.

      Ink traps are considered by many to be superfluous,
      while others (including some of the most respected
      names in the field) incorporate it regularly into their
      work, especially their text fonts. The problem is that
      it's always done by "eyeballing", which is a shame con-
      sidering it's a task requiring very little creativity.

      Many superb designs (like the inimitable Rialto with its
      special trapped version, Pressa) seem to have trapping that
      could generously be called "inconstant"... And this is most
      probably due to the simple human limitations of eyeballing.

      There are different constructions for traps, but the
      principal one I've tried to "quantify" into a method
      which can be applied with consistency and speed.

      Here is the "first installment" explaining my method:

      The Flower could even be automated into a FontLab script,
      allowing the trapping of an entire font in seconds which
      in turn opens the door to iterative fine-tuning.

      What I would very much like to learn is how ink gain
      works in real life, in order to refine (or possibly
      discard :-) this trapping method.

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