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6045Re: [PPLetterpress] What happened here?

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  • cutvelvet@earthlink.net
    Jun 1, 2006
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      >Gerald Lange <bieler@...> wrote:
      > Kelly and Kseniya
      >This is talking head BS. If you folks want to characterize experienced
      >printers as old farts and elists, you've got issues. Why indeed would
      >you insist on the point of apprenticing with people that you obviously
      >don't respect?

      Gerald and all,
      I'm pretty sure it was Peter Fraterdeus who more or less
      affectionately referred to himself, and other experienced printers,
      as old farts--quite different in intent from someone who is not one
      categorizing others that way. This is a common and painful list
      problem: something is either misquoted or misread, and others take
      the wrong reading and run with it, and it can so quickly blow up into
      a flame war. Along with a couple of recent posts pointing out the
      irony between the care we as printers take with words vs. the
      sloppiness and haste of some of our posts, there's this less than
      careful reading to contend with. So perhaps the best remedy is, much
      as in cutting paper we measure twice/cut once, here we might think or
      read twice/type once.

      Kelly, if you're still reading, I hope you don't give up. You arrived
      at an unusual moment on what is, the majority of the time, a civil,
      helpful list.

      hoping to attain "old fart printer" status one day
      Oakland, CA
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