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  • Kelly Maron
    Jun 1, 2006
      Gerald Lange <bieler@...> wrote:
      Kelly and Kseniya

      This is talking head BS. If you folks want to characterize experienced
      printers as old farts and elists, you've got issues. Why indeed would
      you insist on the point of apprenticing with people that you obviously
      don't respect?

      WOW.... i honestly cant say anymore. if you will re-read my posts, i can assure you they are tempered with great respect, often trying to sympathize with frustrations you must feel about newer folks yet trying to share another perspective.

      i only joined this group LESS than a week ago. i never posted messages months ago requesting apprenticeships. i never sent emails such as... i am a graphic designer and i want to start a stationery co...help me. originally i was interested in the thread regarding the vandercook use vs. the c&p. i thought there was a lot of good advice given to the girl who had originally asked. eventually i responded to some emails this week because i am stubborn and felt the need to stick up for other new folks who want to learn, regardless of their motives, when the emails started getting ugly. in fact in my first emails i was asking about a press with a clutch and getting some advice but no one responded to that.

      i cant recall joining a group where so quickly i dreaded checking my emails. i have tried several times in my last emails to divert the thread back towards a positive place. i still want to know about the damn clutch but oh well. while i may be stubborn and opinionated, i am not a masochist. it is obvious that while there are some very interesting, lovely people here, the opinions most loudly and frequently expressed are discouraging and negative. i have posted many times on briar press regarding different press & plate issues both asking and answering. the discussion board is great but i was hoping this forum would help fill in the gaps where briar press is lacking. however, i think i will just stick to briar press so that this group may continue as is without my interference. on b.p., right now people are organizing a print exchange which is something i would rather focus on than a discussion that really is going nowhere.

      for those who have given little bits of valuable advice here and there (both idealistic & realistic), thanks so much. i think it is responsible to warn people about bad press choices, realistic shop practices etc. this, i want to know and anyone who is serious about learning should want to know.

      for those who have not responded in kind, i apologize if you feel you aren't being given your due respect. i certainly don't feel that way and have stated over and over my utter appreciation towards those who have paved the way. perhaps you will warm over time to the idea of younger people - in my case, if you consider 33, young :), finding an interest in letterpress. there will be people who are lazy and irresponsible and aren't dedicated enough. this isn't just in the world of letterpress. anything that can be romanticized or glamorized will ultimately have people who are in it only until they realize they may get a little dirt under their nails.

      having taught photography to teenagers for the past 8 years, i can't tell you the number of kids who sign up because of their 'ideal' of photo. they want all the bells and whistles and the new cameras that will do it automatically. they don't want to learn about the tradition and history... how photography was originally done by those with the highest level of training and was not access able to every yokel... how photographers risked their lives standing in the middle of a civil war battlefield to photograph because the medium demanded that the plates be developed on the spot. and while in those 8 years these kids have come and gone, their interest waxing and waning, there are those few who will amaze you. who are dedicated more than you could ever ask for. and it makes it all worthwhile. some of them even change their whole lives and future plans to revolve around this passion for photography. do i fear they will become my competition? heavens no. if that were
      the case i would no longer have a reason to teach. it is the greatest feeling to know that someone will become a part of something that i love, because i taught them and taught them well.

      take this as you will. i meant no harm. good luck with your endeavors, perhaps i will pass you on another message board. i'm just too tired to continue to respond here. but please try not to scare off every new person who joins. :)

      ps... i never called anyone a 'fart'. ...just spunky.

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