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5771Re: On driving a C&P Oldstyle press

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  • Sean Michael
    May 5, 2006
      Thanks for the help regarding my new press. It appears that the drive shaft has indeed
      been replaced.

      I would like to find a U shaped shaft to have the option of a treadle. If anyone has one, I
      would like to here from you.

      Thanks again,

      --- In PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Gene" <mccluney2@...> wrote:
      > All C&P Oldstyle presses can have a treadle and hook, as that is how they were
      > shipped new. The only issue might be if the main drive shaft has been replaced
      > at some time with a new one that does not have the "crook" for the treadle hook
      > to attach to.
      > Look under the press, follow the shaft that is attached to the big flywheel, and
      > see if there us a "U" shaped bend in the shaft right in the center of it's length.
      > If so, then you are all set to attach a treadle and crook.
      > You can order a brand new reproduction treadle and hook for any Old Style
      > C&P press from Hern Iron Works.
      > http://www.hernironworks.com/treadles.html
      > These presses are still relatively common, and if your press does not have
      > a "crook" in the main drive shaft, and you want to add a treadle, then you
      > can either look for a replacement main drive shaft, or you can just look for
      > another press for "parts" or maybe it would be in better shape than the
      > one you have. The 8x12 size is the easiest to treadle.
      > There were a variety of electric motors made to retrofit to the old platen
      > presses. Kimble made one. You only need a 1/4 hp motor. The Kimble
      > motor had a leather drive wheel that made contact with the outside
      > flat surface of the big flywheel on the press and ran the press through
      > this friction coupling of the drive to the big flywheel.
      > Many people will attach a new small motor to the press through a belt
      > driving the outside of the big flywheel. In modern motors, you don't
      > get speed control with the motor, but rather with a "variable speed drive"
      > which is a little box of electronics that "drives" the motor. These are
      > available from many, many sources.
      > Gene McCluney
      > Old Van Buren Press
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