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5736Re: [PPLetterpress] Re: moving a press?

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  • Warren Gailbreath, Jr.
    Apr 28 6:23 AM
      Moving equipment can be expensive. For those of us
      that have not the money, moving it your self almost
      always seems to be the preferred route.

      I just moved a Model 14 located 95 miles from my house
      and the cost was 35.06 for gas in the vehicle I drove.
      I do not include my time and labor as a cost here.

      Of course I have my own 18 ft. trailer, straps, heavy
      duty prybars (Thanks to linofish diagrams) and a
      pallet jack.

      Rental of a forklift to place 3 Linotypes will be
      250.00 plus tax.

      I would estimate that if I had paid another individual
      for these services it would have been quite costly.

      Warren Gailbreath,Jr.
      Southwest Finishing, Inc.
      Ft.Worth, Texas
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