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5519Re: advice regarding platemaker

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  • Gerald Lange
    Mar 27, 2006
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      You once provided me with some information about the correct light
      range for processing photopolymer. Don't know if I am using the
      correct terminology. Do you still have this information? I can't seem
      to find the file.


      Gerald Lange

      > This sounds like a carbon-arc platemaker which is of little use in
      > exposing photopolymer relief plates. Most likely it is a large floor
      > model "flip-top". So if you have a lot of room to spare, you could
      > just use the vacuum frame in it and install a exposure box of
      > blacklight tubes over it. If I were you, I'd wait for something more
      > useful.
      > If it has a mercury-vapor lamp instead of carbon-arc it might be
      > OK, but the exposure times are still much longer than with the correct
      > UV tubes.
      > Eric Holub, SF
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