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  • Norman L McKnight
    Mar 14, 2006
      The ATF Blue Book for 1923 shows these on pp. 660/663 as "A Showing
      of Holiday Borders." If you look at the top showing on p. 660 you
      will likely see the very warts you have. These are actually the two
      color units, or berries, which go with the other color, the leaves.
      They are twelve point in size.

      I was very fortunate to spot a large lot of the berries shown on p.
      663, mostly in 18 point, but also some in 12 point. There were no
      leaves, or at least I didn't spot them, but I bought them anyway.
      I have used them to very good effect as "fancy rule" in setting the
      colophons, or title pages, of some work. I am currently using them
      on a title page for a specimen of German fraktur types, 20 point
      Fruehling form Klingspor, 36 point Rhapsodie from Ludwig & Mayer,
      & 36 point Liebing from H. Berthold. I can thank the wonderful Jim
      Heagy at Hunter's Point, San Francisco, for this and many other
      wonderfully creative things. You can see how I used it on my website
      www.philoxeniapress.com & click the link "The Work" & go to page
      2 & view the "Advent Liturgy Poster." I also used it with 30 point
      Hermann Zapf Civilite to separate the Owl & the Pussycat text from
      the colophon which was in 16 point Poliphilus. This broadside is
      also shown, but unfortunately the colophon & border do not show.
      You may click on any image on the website & it will enlarge to show
      the detail.

      The units you have would not be useful in this regard as they have
      no line material to which they attach; they are simply berries only
      & therefore depend on the holly units; but you might just try playing
      with them. That's the fun of using this stuff anway. I didn't like
      the holly leaves anyway, so they were probably there & just over-
      looked in a fit of aesthetic arrogance.

      Norman McKnight
      Philoxenia Press
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