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  • taybarrett
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hello all,

      I am back from my journey to SF and Seattle. In SF I spent a day with Maia Karolina at the
      Center for the Book and in Seattle I met with Carl Monford in his studio and attended
      Jessica Spring's amazing Experimenting with letterpress class at the School of Visual
      Concepts. I have learned so much and am busting at the seams with ideas, but alas, now
      that I am more informed on the workings of the Vandercook 4, I now know that mine is
      not functioning correctly. Of the rubber lower rollers only the back roller moves, the front
      remains motionless (but not from lack of grease). Of the upper steel rollers the back
      skinny and the large roller are turning but the front skinny will not move (again not
      because of lack of grease). At first even the large steel roller was behaving sluggishly but
      after taking it apart I realized that the final tooth on the worm was chipped and ragged so
      I filed that down and regreased and now it moves smoothly. (I spent the day yesterday
      taking apart various parts and cleaning out a decades worth of old oil and gunk.) When I
      took apart the ink rollers I noticed that on the right side where the gears are the rollers
      have plastic bushings to help them spin in their cradle but on the left there are no
      bushings to protect and the rollers rest loosely in their cradle. (I am probably not useing
      the right terminology but hopefully you all get the jist:-). Are the rollers supposed to have
      bushings on the left side too? In all the rollers seem to be in pretty good condition. They
      are not visually warped or curved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
      for all the workshop advice it turned out well.

      Thanks Taylor
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