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5154RE: [PPLetterpress] Digest Number 1158

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  • John Henry
    Jan 3 6:54 AM
      I recently switched from Quark Xpress on my Macintosh to Quark for
      Windows and found that the automatic ligatures feature was no more. I
      even found it impossible to get to the font locations for the ligatures
      using Quark. I am certain there must be a way, but I was pushed for
      time, so chose not to use the standard ligatures that time. I will take
      some time and make inquiry as to how to retrieve the ligatures I need
      using the Quark on a Windows machine.

      I had hoped to search and replace for the ligatured characters, but
      could not put the code into place for the ligatures.

      John Henry
      Cedar Creek Press

      Austin Jones wrote:
      <I have a question for all you digital types. Why are these mainstream
      <publishers failing to use "f" ligatures in book typesetting?