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5101Re: Halftones and photopolymer

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  • Gerald Lange
    Dec 17, 2005

      Actually, I'm just processing plates, I rarely use halftones for
      letterpress work. I'm mainly hoping for some useful information to
      teach folks who want halftones how to configure them properly. I've
      gotten some very good responses offline but that doesn't exactly help
      folks here.

      Can't imagine a four color halftone with photopolymer; sounds like a
      registration nightmare, but I would agree with your instruction,
      though to do it properly a lot of old school technique is required.
      And while many folks know how to make wonderful photographs many do
      not know how to configure them for print reproduction.


      I've gotten a number of responses offlist--- In
      PPLetterpress@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Inman" <edinman@e...> wrote:
      > I assume you are making B&W halftones rather than CMYK.
      > You want to first edit the photo in a program like Adobe Photoshop. It
      > sometimes helps to maintain highlight detail by slightly darkening
      > colors like white and yellow. From there, adjust the brightness for
      > optimal results on the main subject. Then, gradually reduce contrast
      > their is a uniform minimum dot pattern of approximately 20 percent
      > throughout all highlight areas.
      > There may be a more sophisticated way, but the above process generally
      > works pretty good for me.
      > Ed
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